La Virginia Zipline Rides
Have you ever wanted to experience the feeling of flying or overcome your fear of heights while soaring over a majestic Taal lake and surrounding forest? At La Virginia Zipline Rides experience an exhilarating ride up to 60km/hr as you soar up to 300 feet off the ground on a scenic zipline courses 200 meters long.

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Our professionally trained guides emphasize safety and comfort, ensuring a ride full of thrills, awesome beauty, and fond memories. As you descend through the forest and over the other side, your guides will train you on important safety features and service you with a friendly smile.

Our rides promises to be unforgettable, so step to the edge . . . and add some zip to your day! Our rides are almost for everyone, whether you're with the family or celebrating a special occasion or event. Our staff will assist you, outfit you with a customized seat harness and equipment and train you on important safety features before leading you into the woods, and on to the adventure. Come add some zip to your trip this year, and experience Taal Lake's nature from new heights.


 Zipline Rates  Price
2-Way Ride (150 Meters) with Photo Frame Php 300.00
Photo Only Php 100.00
2-Way Ride (350 Meters) with Photo Php 400.00

 *Plus resort has an entrance fee of Php 300.00/Adult and Php 200.00/Child

La Virginia Zipline Rides Tour Facts

  • Our guests ride a total of four ziplines ranging from 250 meters and one Cable Car
  • Platforms and Zip lines range from 150 ft to 300 ft off the ground
  • Ziplining involves gliding along a suspended steel cable, using a pulley and climbing harness
  • Our rides area is in the edge of La Virginia Hotel and Resort and covers acres of land in a tropical temperate forest
  • Ride duration is approximately 15-20 seconds
  • All tours are fully guided

Client Care

La Virginia Zipline Rides top priority is the well being of each and every person who takes part in the ride. All aspects of our course and every piece of our equipment are held to the highest standards of safety.

All equipment utilized in the zip course has been engineered and exceeds industry standards to ensure a fun, enjoyable experience. Our ziplines and platforms have been inspected and registered with the Government Safety Authority. In addition, our guides are thoroughly trained in every aspect of working at heights so you can feel confident you are in good hands on your tour.

All guests are requested to read and required to sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnification Agreement prior to participating in a La Virginia Zipline Rides.

Health Recommendations and Physical Requirements:

  • Zipline ride's minimum age requirement is 5 yrs.
  • Zipline ride's minimum weight requirement is 40lbs/18kgs to a maximum of 20 tons.
  • Children weighing between 40lbs/18kgs and 60lbs/27kgs will be required to zip tandem with a guide. 
  • Guests should be prepared for some light physical activity. The area include stairs and some short distance walking.
  • If you are unsure about your physical ability, a physician should be consulted prior to the ride.
  • There is no alcohol, or drug use permitted at anytime prior to, or throughout, the ride.
  • La Virginia Zipline Rides is not obligated to complete a tour if participants are found to be endangering the safety of themselves, others or the environment. Refunds will not be given in these situations.


Our rides are open from 8am to 6pm (till sunset) Everyday
(Please go early in the morning if you are planning to visit us on weekends)


How safe are the rides?
Our single zipline harness can carry up to 2 tons (Equivalent to 7 Sumo Wrestlers).

Is La Virginia Zipline Rides part of La Virginia Hotel and Resort?
No, La Virginia Zipline Rides is an independent company seperate from the management of La Virginia Hotel and Resort.

How to get there?
Please see the "Location Map" page.

How much are the rides?
Per ride is Three Hundred Pesos (Php 300.00) which includes a souvenir photo. If you want a Mug Photo the cost is Four Hundred Pesos (Php 400.00)

Are you open any day?
Yes we are open for public everyday specially on holidays. Rides start as early as 8am up to 6pm.